About Us

IJUBOA’s mission is to sustain and promote standards for the safe and effective operation of jack-up barges and self-elevating platforms throughout the world.

What we stand for

Our vision is to raise the bar in the area of nearshore jack-up barge operations engaged in the infrastructure and renewable energy industries through training and best operating practices.

The certificated training courses that we have introduced are not mandatory, but the view is that these will be seen as the global standard in the training of operators and managers. Over time, we hope these will become an industry requirement.

If a barge has an accident but hasn’t operated to best standards, people should and will ask questions. We want barges all over the world to operate and comply with these standards, that is our objective.

Our Strategic Goals

To Promote a Safe Industry
safe for its people, for the environment and for society at large
To Promote a Learning Industry
with the skilled and professional workforce essential for the safe and efficient operation of jack up barges
To Promote a Reputable Industry
responsive to the needs of its customers and committed to continuous improvement

Our History

IJUBOA is a not-for profit organisation, we work to a budget and exist for the benefit of our members, investing in improvements.
The Association was founded in 2008 with encouragement from the HSE and MCA to regulate the industry. The first meeting was held in Bristol, formed by a group of operating companies where John Howard was elected as Chairman. John felt passionately that there should be some sort of qualification so people could be sure that those operating the barge knew what they were doing.
John sadly passed away in September 2020, but we hope to continue building on the legacy John created and help IJUBOA to thrive. IJUBOA’s 2021 ‘Raising the Bar’ Award was dedicated in John’s honour for everything he achieved for IJUBOA and for the changes he made throughout the industry.

The award was originally developed as the ‘Mark Sankey Award’ in 2012 to show appreciation for Mark's dedication and passion for improving our industry. Mark Sankey made an enormous contribution to the association and helped to lay down its foundations. Previous winners of the award also include Chris Mallet and Simon Cook. We will hold the awards every three years to highlight an individual's contribution to the marine industry.
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