Gold Standard Audit

IJUBOA’s Gold Standard audit promotes recognised quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) management and best practice within the industry.

Raising Standards

In order to comply with The IJUBOA Code of Practice, each Full Member company has to demonstrate suitable managed QHSE Management System Standards. This involved an audit on company procedures, how the business operates, the management team, emergency response and much more.

Companies must highlight their continual improvement by annual carrying out a self-assessment and applying for a third-party audit every five years.

Each existing and aspiring IJUBOA member will be expected to complete a two-stage audit process to ascertain which tier level member they become – Silver or Gold.

This will consist of a self-assessment audit to achieve Silver, and an external verification audit to achieve Gold. The internal self-assessment would be carried out by the organisation themselves on the same question set sheet which would be used for an external verification audit.

Companies wishing to join IJUBOA who have not yet completed their self-assessment tool will join at an Introductory Level. These members will have one year to achieve Silver Membership. If they do not meet the criteria at the end of the 12 months, then their membership would cease.

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External Auditors:
- When trust matters – DNV
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