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IJUBOA offers a range of training courses designed to support individuals working within the marine industry.

Our Courses

IJUBOA Managers Course

A two-day workshop for those involved in the procuring and management of jack-up barges to develop an understanding of the range of risks associated with the safe deployment of a jack-up and a corresponding understanding of how to manage them.

Emergency Response Planning and Preparedness

A one-day workshop designed to give easy to follow guidance for when an emergency event has occurred. The course also highlights the roles and responsibilities expected of all persons involved in managing an emergency incident.

Jack-up Familiarisation

A general familiarisation course to help individuals understand the principles of a jack-up barge and how it operates. The course covers:
Marine Plant and Equipment Familiarisation
General Safety Aspects of Overwater Working and Good Practice
PPE, Emergency Response Drills
Rules, Regulations, Skills and Competence

Construction Design and Management and Jack-up Barge Operations

Looking at the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and understanding, client duties, principal contractor duties, barge operator (contractor) duties and how this interacts with operation of a Jack Up Barge and where the boundaries sit.

Geotechnical Hazards

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Environmental Conditions

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Access and Egress onto Jack-up Barges

The offshore, nearshore, estuary and inland waterway environments produce many different scenarios for access and egress onto jack-up barges.

The aim of this training course is to explore best practices within these different environments with a view to ascertaining the safest possible access and egress method to/from a jack-up barge.


"Personally, I liked having the opportunity to talk and discuss technical details with the industry experts. Good to gain a greater appreciation for the complexities of the world of jack-up barges!"
"Informative, well-presented with additional information provided in course take-away's for use on certain subjects when you need more detail."
"Overall the course content was well structured and it covered the perfect level of detail.It re-focused my mind on the legislation and our legal requirements and responsibilities. Also a good insight into importance of planning during transit, not just site operations."
"The lessons learnt and leg pen analysis was really interesting. I really enjoyed when the other attendants asked questions and the conversation moved from the screen to around the table."
“Having recently moved to the Marine Construction industry, the requirement was to understand in more detail the JUB that are chartered by my company from industry suppliers. The course gave a great overview on all aspects from sizes, function, location usage factors, safety, legislation and much more. A very informative 2 days with open dialogue with course providers and fellow industry participants.”
“Excellent and well received course. Highly recommended for managers working with Jack Up barge and / or nearshore construction work.”
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