Barge Master Online Logbook

Launching Summer 2023.

Introducing our Online Logbook App

In 2020 IJUBOA received a grant from Trinity House to transform the traditional ‘Blue Book’ used to record sea-service time, and turn this into an online app. Over the past year, we have been working with SwiftTrack to develop this. Introducing, the IJUBOA Academy.

The aim was to create a continuing professional development learning programme to provide a pathway to progression for Barge Master personnel.

The Academy is designed to help all Barge Master personnel (new and existing) to maintain their sea-service and technical knowledge, whilst helping them to navigate the milestones, and theoretical and performance criteria they must meet to achieve Barge Master Status.

It is IJUBOA’s intention that this should become the industry standard and that all owner, operator companies will enrol their employees into the IJUBOA Academy in the certain knowledge that the information contained in the logbook is a true record of their qualifications and more importantly, their actual experience in field conditions.

The IJUBOA Academy App Content

The learning programme on the app has been collated by IJUBOA’s Executive Committee and industry experts. The app encompasses:

  • A sea-service log which individuals can use to record their time away on projects
  • A lessons-learned reporting feature to record incidents and findings
  • A portal to upload all mandatory (and any additional) training certificates
  • A mechanism to upload testimonials
  • And, for new entrants into the industry, a competencies framework to complete to support theoretical and performance knowledge of the role of a Barge Master. This framework is broken down into the following modules:
  • Jack-up Barge Safety
  • Jack-up Barge Moving
  • Jack-up Barge Operations
  • Fundamentals of Jack-up Barge Operations

The content has been designed for use on mobile devices. The delivery of the content is through the SwiftTrack application software which is a mobile device learning management software. The app is available across IoS, Android and computer devices, and has offline functionality. 

IJUBOA Academy Pass-Out

An on-board mentor will also receive a login to the app, which they can use to verify the candidates experience and to provide additional evidence against their competence. All of this information is then signed off by an Assessor (a Company Director within the employer organisation.)
We have also designed a route for experienced Barge Masters to achieve the above through a grandfathered route.
For both pathways, the candidates’ profiles will then be sampled and verified by IJUBOA’s Barge Master Review Committee (comprised of our Executive Committee and Audit Experts) and through a third-party, The Nautical Institute to ensure all accounts are accurate and correct.

IJUBOA Guidance for Mentors and Assessors on SwiftTrack

The Nautical Institute is the global body for maritime professionals and is a non-governmental organisation with consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Once the IJUBOA and The Nautical Institute are satisfied, the individual will be eligible to sit the Barge Master exam and achieve Certified Barge Master status.

*Individuals not wishing to enrol in the certification system will still be able to use SwiftTrack as a sea-service record.

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