Zac Smart

Acting Barge Master Executive Committee Member
Zac Smart has worked within the marine industry for over 16 years, beginning his career as a Deck Hand for Trinity House.   In 2009 Zac joined Fugro as an Assistant Driller. In 2010 Zac started to move the Jack-Ups and quickly progressed to Driller, then Lead Driller. In 2015 Zac was promoted to Barge Master and Drilling Supervisor. In 2017 Zac joined the Hinkley Point C project as Barge Master, operating between The F1200 and WaveWalker 1 for the Jetty Construction. In 2020 he was promoted to Superintendent after 3 years onboard The Fugro 1200 (Now Haven SeaChallenger), Excalibur and WaveWalker 1. In 2022 Zac became the Technical Operations Manager for Fugro’s UK LSC Division. Zac works with IJUBOA as an Acting Barge Master Committee Member, sitting in on workgroups and helping to shape the Barge Master Apprenticeship Scheme and Training Programme
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